Local Winnipeg DJ Moonbaby set tha tone

track list:
spooky black - ready ft. bobby rap
jayyeah - live to tell
future - karate chop (WU05 remix)
comsmastly - kreayshawn on a segway
migos - mymoma (natemcmilli remix)
nicolas malinowsky & tommy kruise - disstopia
black kray aka lil shyne - rain touched me
GRXGVR - ape cult
myrror - ill
gucci mane - pillz (myrror remix)
dem frenchize boys - pain on my white t (hyrdo remix)
drea da skimask - smokin reminiscin
project pat ft. OJ da juiceman - keep it hood (hyrdo remix)
future - turn on the lights (ryan hemsworth bootleg)
svperior dwells - exxon (move that dope)
yung lean - king of the darkness (UV obi edit)
hyrdabadd - crystal mist
yung gleesh & capo - what you got (tommy kruise remix)
migos - jumping like jordan (hydro remix)
lemonade final ** (sorry i lost the info 4 this one)
young thug - stoner (evian christ remix)
quattro - dough
UZ - lurk (ft. djemba djemba & arnold)
UZ - untitled
PushaT - blocka (LMC remix)
CRNKN - 020200 (DRVG$ bootleg)
thefaded - no sleep
lederrick - oath to the stars

Written & Produced by Treeclub

official remix for RCA artist Tinashe.
free download:

Way With Silence is the first single from Vogue Dots second EP, Mauka.

Recorded at Sundlaugin Studio, Mosfellsbær, Iceland in February 2014

Available on vinyl, CD, and digital on the 10th of November.



Genre - “Future-garage”

The Sounds - Animal [HD]


Active Child - Hanging On [Official Video]